UAA is a DREAM! With all the efforts through our non profit organization we have seen clearly that education and child development is the root of change. We are extremely Grateful to have the partners and resources available to us that have enabled us to create such an amazing education program for children at no cost to the parents! The need was clear so we continued to expand our resources and services to education and childhood development. Working with like-minded people we were able to gain access to charter schools to help create a curriculum to include community services and progressive education. The need was so big we designed Urban Arts. UA is a program that was created for home school and extended education. UA’s focus is to prepare children for life, debt-free, and capable of achieving their goals while keeping them grounded and teaching them compassion. Guarded Hope is partnered with Support District Radio Network and SDTV Through our Urban Arts Program. SDRN has extended its internship program to our students at no charge. This gives children the opportunity to work in all things media and entertainment. While giving them hands-on training from business management to broadcasting. The children are provided with the tools needed not only to succeed in their purpose but to teach others along the way. The program promotes a positive social environment and cultural involvement. We have doctors, nutritionist, coaches, producers, and leaders of all backgrounds who donate their time to UAA to provide free education. Classes such as health and wellness, business and finance, media broadcasting, sports fitness, coding, make up artist trailing, driving lessons, cooking, how to clean properly, hygiene, event planning, Farming, and agriculture, clothing design, sports broadcasting, community service, arts and cultural studies with historical perspective and so much more. Providing real tools for life, meal prep and weekly food menus and budgets, business plans and grant writing. These tools will help children understand their potential and be able to operate in it with out a lot of the obstacles in their way. Guarded Hope has been able to partner with restaurants, local businesses, and educators to create rewards programs for the people that receive assistance, this has proven to be a powerful incentive for them to give back to their community. The only form of payment that is required is time committed to giving back to their community through service with our non-profit org. with their parent (s) or family. Not only does it teach value, but creates a bonding experience with their loved ones and expands their understanding and perspective. This is a part of their commitment to growth. This brings such an amazing testimony and encouragement to the many people involved.