Guarded Hope Organization Presents The Emergency Relief Program

COVID-19: In this extreme time of disaster we have extended our services for emergency relief in our cities. Help us restore hope in our communities. Needs: toiletries, socks, food, feminine hygiene products, non perishable food items, emergency supplies, first aid, Tylenol, School supplies, cooking supplies. Monetary donation are always a help as well.
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The Mission StatementCommunity Priority

We unite our communities through service and love.

Sharing our love and hope for the ones we care for can essentially preserve or guard their hope while struggling with their lives battles.

Our goal at Guarded Hope is to meet the immediate needs of people from all over. Bringing hope to what seems to be hopeless situations and providing assistance and resources to assure long term growth and positive change. We are able to do this with the help of people like yourself, that just wants to make a difference in someone's life. We find in what we do, giving can be as much of a blessing as reviving if not more.

When you get to bless someone with something so simple and it restores their hope in what seems to feel like a hopeless time, It begins a healing process in their heart and mind. For them to feel that their life still has meaning and worth can make a difference in their value of Helping us restore and guard hope in hearts of others, there is no greater gift. Thank you so much for wanting to being apart of something so powerful.

Our CampaignsCommunity Involvement

Our strategy Worldwide network. Local impact.

Thankful for our partners Support District Radio, Support District TV and BRAVO Tip or Pay for working with us on spreading our message. Together we will work through this and provide solutions to those in need.
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